Hondo Quality

For over fifty years, Hondo has built durable, all-leather boots with a tradition for quality. In an age where computerized assembly and synthetic materials are substituted to cut costs, our master bootmakers hand-last Hondos one pair at a time.

Inside every pair you get leather insoles, nailed stacked sole leather heels, cowhide lining, steel shanks, and a traditional Goodyear welt construction sewn directly into the leather insoles (for those who know).

The Hondo Boot line caters to the varied activities of seasoned boot wearers, with styles designed for dress, riding, or ranch wear. Some styles may feature spur heels, double layered insteps (that’s called a Saddle), soles weighted by midsoles, rubber soles, or other functional elements.

For greater appeal, our stitch patterns colorfully accentuate vamp hues. We carefully trim and treat each boot for an impeccable finish.

Hondo Boots are handcrafted with pride. It is part of our values to build a comfortable, durable, and repairable boot no matter what it takes.